What is MindRelease?

Therapy for Anxiety & Panic Attacks in Milton Keynes

  • Mind Management to aid in the recovery of Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Phobias
  • Self Confidence, Social Anxiety, Agoraphobia, OCD, Nervousness and Feeling Stuck
  • Sessions offered on a one to one basis. Helping you to help yourself
  • Psychotherapy & councelling for helping your mental health
  • All sessions are based in a relaxed, private building near Stony Stratford in Milton Keynes
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Depression Therapy

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Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety – Do you worry about most things in your life? Can it stop you from doing things? Does it effect your family or work situation?  Read more…

Panic Attack Therapy

Panic Attack Therapy is offered to individuals who have simply had enough! Its time to live free of panic attacks.  Read more…

Fears & Phobias

Fears & Phobias can be extremely disabling and annoying. If you have a very specific phobia it can be eliminated fast.  Read more…

Introduction into MindRelease

I have met some inspirational people on my own journey, including some great mentors & pschotherapists , and I have re-educated myself with regards to my own life and in the necessary areas that have enabled me to understand exactly what is going on in my mind, and so to find a solution to the problems raised by Panic Attacks and Anxiety.

How do YOU get YOURSELF out of the situation that YOU find yourself in? Well, firstly, it’s about understanding that it is YOU who will do this. It’s not me; I’m not a magician, nor do I have any magic pills. This is the first and most important lesson you must learn to begin the process of your recovery from Panic Attacks and Anxiety.

What you must understand is that whatever you’re experiencing during your attacks or anxiety, they are just a symptom of an underlying issue. It is therefore vital to complete a full personal history on yourself, so that we can understand how you got to where you are now. Once we have this information, we will not need to go over this again. As much as this process may involve re-living painful memories, the aim is purely about looking forward and not re-embedding old behaviors and beliefs, which will be left in the past.

The process is also about re-education. There are plenty of pschotherarpy tools andtechniques that will give you an idea of how to think differently, and that can show you ways of laying new, positive foundations in your life. I like to look at this as having a ripple effect; if you drop a stone in water the ripples will become bigger and bigger. What you will learn in this process will make the initial change that will continue to propel your recovery on an ongoing basis.

What if you could learn to accept your anxieties and panic attacks, so that they become your friend and not your foe? What if you understood the internal processes behind your thoughts and emotions? Would you choose to learn new ways of thinking, and realize that these negative thoughts are not really you?

Could you visualize welcoming the image of a panic attack? Could you picture the thought of being comfortable with your emotions? What if you were able to observe your thoughts and change your perception, and come to understand that these negative thoughts do not represent you?

Imagine you could release the grip that your anxiety has over you. Imagine the heavy burden you’ve been carrying in your mind becoming as light as a feather. How would you feel if you could accept any oppressive thoughts in the knowledge that these aren’t you?

Imagine that you could tune into your panic attacks and quietly welcome them. What if you knew that these voices weren’t actually you? Imagine being able to listen to the sound of silence in your mind.

Panic attacks and anxiety do not define you. They are scary, they are tiring, they are frustrating, they are crippling, but they are not you! They result from a combination of over-thinking and an unfounded assumption that these thoughts represent you, when in fact they are a simply a build up of childhood and past experiences, and learned behaviors.

Are You Ready To Make The Change In Your Life? If so then click here to contact us now for a FREE Initial Counselling & Consultation. Alternatively ring us on 01908 382092 to book your FREE appointment

How can I say this? What enabled me to understand this fully? What are my credentials?

These are valid questions, and I understand exactly what you’re thinking. So, let me ask you this:

Could death be any worse than the dark place you find yourself in at any given moment of the day? A racing mind; negative thoughts; lack of energy; black days; struggling to get up and go out; finding excuses for why you don’t want to leave the house; finding excuses for not going to events, meetings or social gatherings; emotional eating; putting on weight; generally hating yourself, your life and thinking that things just can’t get any worse.

What about waking up from your sleep with a jump, heart racing, sweating; not wanting to be left alone; not being able to drive a car; not being able to enter shopping centres or supermarkets; not being able to be in big open spaces such as fields, car parks, football stadiums etc.; always thinking that people are judging or sniggering at you; becoming very isolated and lonely.

Okay, maybe you don’t experience all the above, but I’m sure at least some of what I’ve mentioned will clearly resonate with you. The reason I can speak with authority on all the above is because I have suffered from it all.

My name is Steven Bird, and I have experienced everything mentioned above.

I have met some inspirational people on my own journey, including some great mentors & pychotherapists , and I have re-educated myself with regards to my own life and in the necessary areas that have enabled me to understand exactly what is going on in my mind, and so to find a solution to the problems raised by Panic Attacks and Anxiety.

Within the one-to-one sessions I use a combination of NLP techniques and interventions, hypnosis, Time Line therapy, coaching, Counselling a re-education of looking at life from different perspectives, looking at your life values and creating your new beliefs.

Together, we will move from you fearing your anxieties and attacks, firstly by diverting your attention, if needed, to then welcoming them in, feeling comfortable with experiencing them and eventually to dissolving them.

In order to achieve the ultimate outcome we will have to go on somewhat of a journey. That journey could be a short, medium or long journey. The rate of your recovery will depend on how much effort you put into wanting to change and how complex the layers of underlying factors are, in terms of what is causing your anxiety or attacks.

I am not in a position to offer you a miracle cure in one session, as some people claim. I could easily make you feel nice and believe that you’re cured, but within 2-7 days your anxiety would most likely return, as we would only have masked the problem, not rectified it.

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Customer Testimonials

  • I worked with Steve initially due to me having high levels of Anxiety and constant Panic Attacks. I have been to see a few therapists before finding MindRelease. I did learn a lot but couldn’t totally shift it. What I have learned with Steve is how to accept what I have, Understand that what I’m experiencing is perfectly safe and that they were symptoms of something else in my life. We were able to pin point exactly what had been causing me to experience anxiety. I wouldn’t say I’m cured but I really do live life to the full now and I am comfortable within myself and my situation. I’m sure the more I practice and implement the changes fully, I will say good bye to my anxious thoughts forever. I would recommend MindRelease to anyone who really needs to move forward through their issues. –Susan Bright, Northampton,

  • I would like to tell you about my Driving Phobia that I have been able to shift, with Steve’s help. I had some really bad panic attacks while driving my car that led me to not being able to get behind the wheel of my car. It really wasn’t easy being exposed to driving again and I felt extremely tormented while trying. Steve used a few various techniques with me that calmed me down and shift my focus. It was extremely bizarre but instead of having an attack, as I would normally. My fears had really calmed down. I have been taught various techniques of being able to handle the most stressful driving conditions, that would of sent me into melt down mode. I’m really grateful to have my life back..–Andrew Jenkins, Towcester

  • I used to suffer from a social anxiety disorder. I couldn’t even face sitting in a pub with a mate as i felt like everyone was staring at me, and laughing at me. I would avoid family gatherings and any social gathering as it was too much to bare. Having worked with Steve for some time, i understood that it was my own perceptions of what i thought people were thinking, as opposed to actually what they were thinking. I have been able to understand how to quieten my mental chatter and know that when it does pop up, to not buy into it. I’ve got to like myself and I’m now able to go along to any social gathering and feel relaxed and to know that people are not judging me, and even if they were, its their problem and not mine. I have my social life back and truly feel alive again. –Alex Plant, Milton Keynes

A famous person once said:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein